Annual Scientific Meeting of the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nephrology (ANZSN) 2023

Melanie Wyld: Saturday 2 September 0900 “Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges: Why Sex and Gender Equity and Diversity Matters for the Nephrology Workforce and for Patient Outcomes”

Melanie Wyld: Sunday 3 September 1410 “Childhood to Adulthood: Navigating the lifelong Impact of Kidney Disease”

Johanna Birrell: Monday 4 September 1030 “Geographic variations in the epidemiology of kidney failure in Aotearoa New Zealand

Angela Webster/James Hedley: Monday 4 September 1600 “Decision support tool for assessing absolute risk of cancer transmission from deceased kidney donors

Nicole De La Mata: Monday 4 September 1630 “Waitlisting dynamics for kidney transplantation in Aotearoa New Zealand: suspensions, transplantation and deaths

Saiprasad Ravi: Tuesday 5 September 1030 “Mental illness in patients with kidney failure in Aotearoa New Zealand: a descriptive analysis

Nicole De La Mata: Tuesday 5 September 1545 “Sex differences in cardiovascular risk and kidney function: creatinine vs cystatin c

Rachel Cutting: Tuesday 5 September 1645 “Values, preferences, and risk tolerance of people waitlisted for kidney transplant: a systematic review”