Dr Nick Cross

Nick is a full time clinical nephrologist working in transplantation, dialysis and general nephrology in Christchurch, New Zealand. He is Clinical Director of New Zealand’s National Renal Transplant Service (NRTS) and Chair of the National Renal Transplant Leadership team (NRTLT). The NRTS/NRTLT are a network of clinicians and health service managers that work to increase kidney transplantation and improve transplant outcomes in New Zealand, focussing on health policy and practice. There has been a 60% increase in kidney transplantation activity during the period that NRTS/NRTLT has been active. He has been involved in NZ Ministry of Health review of deceased organ donation in 2016/17. He has a background in clinical research into aspects of kidney transplantation practice and policy and has demonstrated ability to work collaboratively on research and clinical projects within and between health systems.