SHE-ROCKS – Sex and Health; Evaluating diagnosis, Risk factOrs and Complications in chronic Kidney disease

SHE-ROCKS is a collaborative project between CODE at the University of Sydney and researchers at the University of Glasgow, and is supported by a University of Sydney- University of Glasgow Partnership Collaboration Award 2022.

We know females have poorer outcomes than males in kidney failure but we don’t know why. Early work establishing how kidney disease occurs (for example links to high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity) were mainly studied in males. Similarly, complications of kidney disease like heart disease or cancer have also mainly been studied in men. Our team will try to work out whether differences in diagnosis, risk factors, and complications are different for females, and whether this varies depending on where you live, and what your background and environment are. We will start to understand this using data from the UK Biobank and Secure Anonymised Information Linkage Databank -SAIL (primary care data for people living in Wales). We will also use health economic techniques to understand how differences for females impact females personally, and what impacts are seen for society more generally. As part of this project we will welcome our colleagues from Glasgow to Sydney, and the CODE will also visit Glasgow.

SHE-ROCKS – Sex and Health; Evaluating diagnosis, Risk factOrs and Complications in chronic Kidney disease

Research Publications



Lees, Jennifer Susan; Mata, Nicole L De La; Sullivan, Michael K; Wyld, Melanie L; Rosales, Brenda M; Cutting, Rachel; Hedley, James Alan; Rutherford, Elaine; Mark, Patrick Barry; Webster, Angela C

Sex differences in associations between creatinine and cystatin C-based kidney function measures with stroke and major bleeding Journal Article

In: European Stroke Journal, vol. 8, no. 3, pp. 756–768, 2023, ISSN: 2396-9881.

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Shemilt, R; Sullivan, MK; Hanlon, P; Jani, B; Mata, N De La; Rosales, B; Elyan, BMP; Wyld, M; Hedley, JA; Cutting, R; McAllister, DA; Webster, AC; Mark, PB; Lees, JS

Sex differences in the diagnosis of advanced cancer and subsequent outcome in people with chronic kidney disease: an analysis of a national population cohort Journal Article

In: Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation, 2023.

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