ANZIPTR is a clinical quality registry  reporting on islet and pancreas transplant activity for Australia and New Zealand. ANZIPTR is based at Westmead Hospital in New South Wales. Data are collected, and collated, to generate reports to guide service delivery and to monitor donor and transplant recipient outcomes. All information is de-identified and securely stored in a database accessible only to registry staff. Islet and pancreas transplants are undertaken for people with severe complications of type 1 diabetes, at 4 centres in Australia and 1 centre in New Zealand (see below).

  • Westmead Hospital (islet and pancreas)
  •  St Vincents Hospital (islet)
  • Monash Medical Centre (pancreas)
  • Royal Adelaide Hospital (islet and pancreas)
  •  Auckland Renal Transplant Group (islet and pancreas)

For more information, including annual reports and data requests, please click on image below.

ANZIPTR – Australian and New Zealand Islet and Pancreas Transplant Registry

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